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Two closely-connected links today - both about Logitech’s Revue device.  Google TV is Google’s Android-based set-top-box platform, which has so far been pretty much a flop, but which is available integrated into Sony and Samsung TVs, and as a standalone device from Logitech, the Revue.  A few days ago, Logitech admitted that sales of the Revue had been dire, and slashed the list price from $300 (although it had been selling for not much over $200) to $99.99 - and at that price, it’s the top-selling device right now in Amazon’s TV listings, and has sold out at Best Buy.

One of the reasons why GTV has been a flop has been that it’s languished with an old, closed build of Android, while they’ve been promising an upgrade to Honeycomb, complete with Android Market support.  Today, I suspect not entirely coincidentally, an installable beta build of Honeycomb for GTV has leaked out.  It’s not obvious how much the leaked beta is a result of the sales boost or a cause but… I put my order in at Amazon a couple of hours ago!

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